Frequently Asked Questions 

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Is it free for me to get an estimate?

Yes - one of us, usually Chris Platts, will come and meet you, at a time convenient for yourself.
He will discuss your needs and establish exactly what needs doing and provide help and advice if needed too.​

Is the price you quote what I will actually pay?

Yes. We will discuss your quote with you. Make sure you understand what work will be carried out. And this WILL be the final amount. No add-ons. No hidden charges. No 'unexpected' additions.​ Of course if you require anything in addition to what you have already been quoted, we will discuss this with you and re-quote before we start any further work.

Will you be on site all the time?

Yes. When we start work we stay on your job until it's finished.  We don't 'nip-off' to do other jobs. We solely focus on your job until it's complete.  The only time we leave the site is if the weather interferes and it becomes hazedous for us to carry on.  Or, if we need to get materials. 

How do you protect my property from wind and rain?

We ALWAYS cover-up anything left exposed over night - so it stays weather-proof at all times.

Or, if it starts to rain heavily whilst we are working on your property we will also cover exposed areas with water-proof sheeting until it is suitable for us to carry on.

What state will you leave my propery in?

Your property is ALWAYS left clean and tidy EACH NIGHT.  ALL rubbish is removed or put in the skip.  When we have finished we clean and sweep thoroughly.  ALL rubbish and materials are removed.  Your property is left just as you'd expect to find it.

If you have anything else you'd like to ask, please don't hesitate to do so.

We believe you should know all about what we intend to do up front.  We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have and are happy to share information and details about the work we are going to carry out.  Above all we want you to be fully reassured BEFORE we start work.